You’ve saved for years. You have researched the housing market, researched the schools and neighborhoods, toured numerous houses and now you’ve made an offer. What can you do to ensure your investment is safe?

Of course, you will buy homeowner’s insurance, have a home inspection and have a title search. But just like with insurance and inspections, you have a choice with who conducts your title search.

Although your real estate agent may recommend a title company, it may benefit you to review your options. Selecting an independent title company gives you an outside perspective on your purchase.

Before making a decision, compare two or three different title companies for price, experience, service and convenience.

Why spend the extra time looking around for an independent title company?

  • It may save you money. An independent company may be less expensive. Some “in-house” title companies, have marketing agreements with the real-estate broker, or pay rent to the real-estate broker so their fees might be higher due to higher overhead.
  • It can save you headaches. An independent title company can advise you about surveys, title insurance re-issue rates, and various title insurance coverage options.

We at Property Title & Escrow, LLC are committed to making sure that we give you a thorough, quality search and a fair price. We have been in business for almost 20 years and we have a tremendous amount of experience in residential and commercial closings. We have a fully trained and experienced staff and two attorneys on staff.

We strive to keep buyers informed and to give the best possible service. We also educate our buyers about the benefits of title insurance and the closing process to make sure the transaction is seamless.